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Areas of focus guide our giving and community engagement.

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Since the 1890s when Imperial donated to the fisherman’s mission of Newfoundland and Labrador we’ve been inspired by community-building organizations across Canada. We offer financial and volunteer support to hundreds of these organizations each year.


Imperial hires some of the best science, technology, engineering, math and trades people in Canada. Each of these brilliant minds developed from a spark, their curiosity was nurtured, and their passion supported. We support STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) programs that align with our business – at all levels of the education system.


We are committed to developing our nation’s resources responsibly, and minimizing our impact on the air, land and water. We do this by adhering to detailed management systems and investing in research and technology.

Indigenous programs

We work within Indigenous communities and on traditional lands in many areas across Canada. In each community we strive to establish lasting relationships built on mutual trust and respect.

Operating communities

To address local needs and contribute to strong and vibrant communities, we support activities, arts, health, social services and civic causes in the areas where we operate.