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Surplus properties

To see a current listing of properties up for auction, view this PDF and follow the links to the Cushman & Wakefield webpage to register. The deadline for registration is October 25th, 2019.


Peace River, AB

Reference: 88002161
Location: Peace River, AB
Available acres: 5.07
Zoning: M1 - Industrial
Price: $50,000

The property is located in a rural country sub-division 5km north of the Town of Peace River on Hwy 986, just west of Highway 743.

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Wainwright, AB

Reference: 88010120
Location: Wainwright, AB
Available acres: 0.64
Zoning: Commercial
Price: $200,000

The Town of Wainwright is located 128 miles south east of Edmonton on Highway 14 and 43 miles west of the Alberta/Saskatchewan border.  

The site is located about ~2km from CFB Wainwright.

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British Columbia

Fort Nelson, BC

Reference: 88005038
Location: Fort Nelson, BC
Available acres: 1.11
Zoning: C6 - service commercial
Price: $320,000

Located on the northeast corner of Airport Drive and 50th Avenue North.

The site offers excellent exposure to all traffic travelling the Alaska Highway.

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Fort Nelson, BC

Reference: 88006436
Location: Fort Nelson, BC
Available acres: 0.74
Zoning: C1 – Commercial core
Price: $194,000

Prime, central location with excellent exposure to high traffic volumes on 50th Avenue N and Alaska Highway.

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Benito, MB

Reference: 88005409
Location: Benito, MB
Available acres: 0.36
Zoning: MG (Industrial)
Price: $2,500

Benito is an urban community in the Municipality of Swan Valley West approx.37 km SW of Swan River, 475 km NW of Winnipeg and only 2 km E of the Saskatchewan/Manitoba border.

Surrounding properties are zoned industrial, open space/recreational and commercial.

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The Pas, MB

Reference: 88005976
Location: The Pas, MB
Available acres: 0.57
Zoning: Commercial/industrial
Price: $100,000

The town of The Pas is approximately 625 km northwest of Winnipeg and 548 km north of Brandon.

The site is located at 1413 Gordon Avenue, in the Southern part of town along Highway 10.

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New Brunswick

Aldouane, NB

Reference: 88007623
Location: Aldouane, NB
Available acres: 1.48
Future use: Residential / commercial
Price: $20,000

Prime land in Aldouane with good access to nearby Richibucto which features numerous amenities. 

Ideally located only 1 hour away from Moncton and 45 minutes to Miramichi. 

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Bathurst, NB

Reference: 88005530
Location: Bathurst, NB
Available acres: 0.89
Zoning: Commercial/industrial
Price: $9,500

Prime land located along Rte. 134, only 7km from downtown Bathurst, NB.

Positioned with approx. 200’ of frontage in a mixed use neighborhood.

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Cape Tormentine, NB

Reference: 88005540
Location: Cape Tormentine, NB
Available acres: 3.23
Future use: Commercial/residential/recreational
Price: $19,500

Prime recreational land located in Cape Tormentine, close to the Confederation Bridge. Site is adjacent to the NB Trail Network, ideally located near the bridge to PEI and only an hour away from Moncton.
Minutes away from the Northumberland Strait. 

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Caraquet, NB

Reference: 88000371
Location: Caraquet, NB
Available acres: 1.28
Zoning: C1-Commerical
Future use: Commercial / Residential
Price: $29,900

This 1.28 acre lot is zoned C1-Comemrcial and at a very high visibility. It can therefore be used for a small business or a residence.

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Little Aldouane, NB

Reference: 88008496
Location: Little Aldouane, NB
Available acres: 0.92
Future use: Commercial
Price: $7,500

Prime land in Aldouane with good access to nearby Richibucto which features numerous amenities. 

Ideally located only 1 hour away from Moncton and 45 minutes to Miramichi. 

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Saint-Leonard, NB

Reference: 88005532
Location: Saint-Leonard, NB
Available acres: 40.78
Future use: Residential / Recreational
Price: $95,000

The Town of Saint-Leonard is approximately 230km from the capital city of Fredericton and only 2km from the US border (Town of Van Buren Maine, US). 

The site is located in a residential area of Saint-Leonard and is mostly wooded.

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Shippagan, NB

Reference: 88005523
Location: Shippagan, NB
Available acres: 0.16
Zoning: Commercial
Price: $2,900

Shippagan is one of the communities within the “Road to the Acadian Isles Region” of The Acadian Peninsula situated at the north east of the Province surrounded by the Chaleur Bay on one side and the Gulf of Saint Lawrence on the other.

The property consists of a small wooded lot along 1st Street in Shippigan. 

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St George, NB

Reference: 88000364
Location: St George, NB
Available acres: 0.22
Zoning: general commercial
Price: $10,000

The Town of St George is located approximately 70km from the City of Saint John, NB and approximately 51km to the US border with Maine.  

The property is located in a residential/commercial area of St. George, NB and is zoned General Commercial. 

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St Johns, NL

Reference: 88006354
Location: St John’s, NL 
Available acres: 0.46
Zoning: Residential
Price: $370,000

Three bedroom house and adjacent vacant lot on Cornwall Avenue. House will require some upgrades. Vacant adjacent lot is 10,890 sf and zoned residential.

This is a well-positioned site offering a great development opportunity.

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Nova Scotia

North River, NS

Reference: 88007621
Location: North River, NS
Available acres: 1.15
Zoning: Rural general
Future use: Commercial
Price: $19,500

The community of North River is located in Colchester County, the fourth largest county in Nova Scotia.

North River is located approximately 10km from the Town of Truro and approximately 100km from the capital City of Halifax.

The site is located at 1466 Highway 311 in a residential/resource area of North River currently zoned Rural General.

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Springhill, NS

Reference: 88006556
Location: Springhill, NS
Available acres: 1.25
Future use: Commercial 
Price: $9,900

Springhill is a community located in central Cumberland County situated approximately 40km from the Nova Scotia/New Brunswick border and approximately 100km from the NB City of Moncton.

The property is located at 93a Junction Road in a rural/commercial/residential area of Springhill.

The subject property is in two land use zones. The wider western side of the site is zoned C1, general commercial, and the narrower eastern side of the Site is zoned R3, rural residential.

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Wallace, NS

Reference: 88005504
Location: Wallace, NS
Available acres: 0.55
Future use: Commercial
Price: $7,500

Wallace is a rural community on the shores of the Northumberland Strait in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia.

The site is located along Highway 6, which is part of the Sunrise Trail, in a rural, mixed commercial/ residential area of the region.

The Site is located outside the mapped zoning area of the Municipality of the County of Cumberland.

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Burlington, ON

Reference: 88005931
Location: Burlington, ON
Available acres: 0.06
Zoning: CN2-162 (neighbourhood commercial)
Price: $65,000

The property is located within an established residential neighbourhood in Burlington mostly characterized by single family detached residential homes.

The site is immediately beside a grocery store (M&M Food market) and other small retailers servicing the surrounding community.

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Elmira, ON

Reference: 88000469
Location: Elmira, ON
Available acres: 0.434
Zoning: M1 - Industrial
Price: $175,000

Elmira is the largest community within the Township of Woolwich in SW Ontario, approximately 23km from both Waterloo and Kitchener and approximately 130km from the City of Toronto.
The property is located in an industrial area of Elmira on the main artery, zoned M1 which allows for light industrial uses.

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North Bay, ON

Reference: 88000513
Location: North Bay, ON 
Available acres: 9.25
Zoning: C6 – Highway Commercial
Price: $225,000

The City of North Bay is located some 80 miles east of the Greater Sudbury and approximately 220 miles north of Greater Toronto. 

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Prince Edward Island

O’Leary, PEI

Reference: 88000355
Location: O’Leary, PEI
Available acres: 1.76
Zoning: Commercial
Price: $25,000

The Town of O’Leary is situated at the western end of PEI, approximately 130km from the City of Charlottetown.

The property is located on Willow Avenue in a commercial/residential area of the town.

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Canwood, SK

Reference: 88005419
Location: Canwood, SK
Available acres: 0.56
Zoning: B (Business District)
Price: $6,000

Canwood is a village in the province of Saskatchewan. The village is approximately 135 km north of Saskatoon and 60 km northwest of Prince Albert.

The site is located off of Highway 55, adjacent to a railway line. Current zoning is B (Business District) which permits commercial future uses.

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Rosthern, SK

Reference: 88001203
Location: Rosthern, SK
Available acres: 0.3
Zoning: Industrial
Price: $25,000

The Town of Rosthern is located midway between Saskatoon and Prince Albert, at the junction of Highways 11 and 312.

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