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Norman Wells

Our facilities include producing wells drilled from natural and artificial islands, and a central processing facility, which also generates electricity for the town of Norman Wells.

Credit River Valley Project

Imperial’s Sarnia Products Pipeline (SPPL) carries refined products including gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. As part of our ongoing maintenance work to facilitate continued safe pipeline operation, Imperial plans to replace a short segment of the Sarnia Products Pipeline beneath the Credit River.


We supply reliable and affordable energy to millions of people, providing fuels that generate heat, light and transportation and provide the building blocks for many products Canadians use every day.


After more than 20 successful years, the Sable project ended production on December 31, 2018.

Railway track

Edmonton rail terminal

The Edmonton rail terminal, next to Imperial’s Strathcona refinery, is a joint venture operated by Kinder Morgan that started up in April 2015. 

Natural gas 101

Abundant, reliable, versatile and clean burning natural gas plays an important role in our energy future.

Natural gas and technology

Our industry has been aware for decades that natural gas has been locked in shale and tight gas formations. The key has been finding and developing the advanced technologies to unlock these resources so they can be commercially viable.

XTO Energy Canada

XTO Energy Canada

Imperial is a 50-50 partner with ExxonMobil Canada in XTO Energy Canada (formerly Celtic Exploration).